Religious in La Paz

La Festividad de Nuestro Señor Jesús del Gran Poder

El Gran Poder has developed into a unique La Paz festival, and an elaborate display of economic power; embroiderers prepare lavish costumes and upwards of 25,000 performers practice for weeks in advance. A number of…
New Year in Tiwanaku

Aymará New Year

Locals don colorful ceremonial dress and visitors are invited to join the party, drink singani (distilled grape liquor), chew coca and dance until dawn at celebrations that take place on fall and spring equinox, whe…
Cultural in La Paz


During Inca times the Alasitas (Aymará for ‘buy from me’) fair coincided with the spring equinox (September 21), and was intended to demonstrate the abundance of the fields. The little god of abundance, Ekeko (‘dwar…
Cultural in La Paz

Fiestas Julianas

The patron saint of the department of La Paz, Santa Juliana, gets her own public holiday, which includes many dances and parades. On the Friday before, people gather at Plaza San Francisco for a massive verbena (nig…
Religious in La Paz

Día de los Muertos

Families prepare the favorite dishes of their loved ones, along with little sweet breads, with plaster-cast faces, representing their dead relatives. Head to the cemetery to witness some of the rituals.
Folklore in La Paz

Entrada Folklórica de Universitaria

With an atmosphere alluding to Carnaval, hundreds of dance groups (made up of students from around the country) perform traditional dances through the streets of La Paz.