Religious in La Paz

Virgen del Carmen

The patron saint of the department of La Paz gets her own public holiday (July 16), which includes many dances and parades.
Religious in La Paz

La Festividad de Nuestro Señor Jesús del Gran Poder

Held in late May or early June, El Gran Poder began in 1939 as a candle procession led by an image of Christ through the predominantly campesino neighborhoods of upper La Paz. The following year the local union of e…
Cultural in La Paz


During Inca times the Alasitas (Aymará for ‘Buy from me’) fair coincided with the spring equinox (September 21), and was intended to demonstrate the abundance of the fields. The little god of abundance, Ekeko (‘dwar…
Folklore in La Paz

Entrada Folklórica de Universitaria

Held on the last Saturday in July, and with an atmosphere alluding to Carnaval, hundreds of dance groups made up of students from around the country perform traditional dances through the streets of La Paz.
Cultural in La Paz

Fiestas de Julio

This month-long cultural series at the Teatro Municipal features much folk music throughout July.