Jesuit Mission Circuit attractions

Church in San José de Chiquitos

Jesuit Mission Church

San José has the only stone Jesuit mission church and merits a visit even if you miss all the others. Although the main altar is nearly identical to those in other nearby missions and has vague similarities to churc…
Church in San Miguel de Velasco

Jesuit Mission Church

The church of San Miguel's spiral pillars, carved wooden altar with a flying San Miguel, extravagant golden pulpit, religious artwork, toy-like bell tower and elaborately painted facade are simply superb. Although n…
Church in San Rafael de Velasco

Jesuit Mission Church

The restored interior of this 1747 mission is particularly beautiful, and the original paintings and woodwork remain intact. The pulpit is covered with a layer of lustrous mica, the ceiling is made of reeds and the …
Church in Concepción

Catedral de Concepción

Built in 1709, the elaborately restored cathedral on the east of the plaza, has an overhanging roof supported by 121 huge tree-trunk columns and a similar bell tower. It is decorated with golden baroque designs depi…
Church in Santa Ana de Velasco

Iglesia de Santa Ana

Santa Ana church, with its wooden altar and reed roof, is more rustic than others on the mission circuit and recalls the first churches constructed by the Jesuit missionaries upon their arrival. The interior contain…
Church in San Ignacio de Velasco

Iglesia de San Ignacio

The first mission church at San Ignacio de Velasco, founded in 1748, was once the largest and most elaborate of all the mission churches. It was demolished in the 1950s and replaced by a modern abomination. Realizin…
Church in San Xavier

Iglesia de San Xavier

Swiss priest Martin Schmidt designed the present church, which was constructed between 1749 and 1752. Restoration work was completed in 1992 to beautiful effect, and the newly restored building manages to appear ple…
Museum in Concepción

Museo Misional

Intricate art-restoration work is performed in the Museo Misional on the south side of the plaza which, apart from being the birthplace of the former Bolivian president Hugo Banzer Suárez, also has scale models of a…
Ruins in San José de Chiquitos

Parque Histórico Santa Cruz la Vieja

A few kilometers outside town, this is the site of the original city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The only thing left behind of the old city is an abandoned guardhouse. It's 2.5km south of the main plaza.
Museum in San Xavier

Museo Casa Natal German Busch

This is the one-time home of the former president and Chaco War hero German Busch, who died in mysterious circumstances aged 35. There is a bit of clutter here and some old photos, as well as a small exhibition of w…