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2 Days: Private tour to PARQUE NACIONAL SAJAMA from La Paz

Welcome to BoliviaThis beautiful mountain is located 5-6 hours by road from La Paz. It offers a magnificent view of southwest Bolivia as well as great climbing and trekking opportunities at this sleeping volcano.It was climbed for the first time in 1939 by Josef Prem and Wilfrid Kumm(Kuhm), both Austrian, and the Italian, Piero Ghigione.Located in the protected area, the national park SAJAMA. is at a altitude of more than 4,200 meters above sea level and where we will have the opportunity to observe, the highest mountain in Bolivia:The Nevado Sajama, its peak is 6542 meters high.On our way to the park, we will visit "CHULLPAS Andinas"(funeral towers) built in remote times, and they contain; until the day oftoday; Bone remains.
2 days