This 6074m mountain, named for an Andean medicinal herb, is a relatively new climb that typically takes four days. The first day encompasses a three-hour drive to Alto Cruz Pampa from La Paz, and from there it’s a three- to four-hour walk to the base camp at 4600m. It’s recommended to hire donkeys or horses to transport your equipment.

On the second day, a three- to four-hour walk takes you to the beautiful high camp, beside the impressive Chachacomani Glacier, at 5200m. For this section, porters charge about B$120 per day to heft 20kg.

Day three is a long hike with crampons and ropes to the summit: a six-hour walk that isn't technically difficult. From up top there are spectacular views of Lake Titicaca and the entire cordillera. Return to base camp that night, and on the fourth day hike back down to vehicles for the journey back to La Paz.