Copacabana in detail

Flights & getting there

Entering & Leaving Peru

Most travelers enter/exit Peru via Copacabana (and the Tiquina Straits) or the scruffy town of Desaguadero (avoiding Copacabana altogether). Note that Peruvian time is one hour behind Bolivian time. Always keep your backpack with you when crossing the border.

Via Copacabana

Micros to the Kasani/Yunguyo border leave Copacabana’s Plaza Sucre regularly, usually when full (B$4, 15 minutes). At Kasani you obtain your exit stamp at passport control and head on foot across the border. On the Peruvian side, a taxi or mototaxi can ferry you to Yunguyo (about Peruvian S3, five minutes). From here, you can catch a bus heading to Puno.

An efficient alternative is to catch a tourist bus from La Paz to Puno via Copacabana (from B$60) or vice versa; some allow you a couple of days’ stay in Copacabana. Note, though, that even if you’ve bought a ticket to Cuzco or elsewhere in Peru, you’ll change buses in Puno. Buses to Cuzco depart from Puno's international terminal, located about three blocks from the local terminal.

Via Desaguadero

A quicker, if less interesting, route is via Desaguadero on the southern side of the lake. Several bus companies head across this border from/to Peru. The crossing should be hassle-free: you obtain your exit stamp from the Bolivian passport control, walk across a bridge and get an entry stamp at migración in Peru. Buses head to Puno at hourly intervals (about 3½ hours).


Most buses leave from near Plazas 2 de Febrero or Sucre. The more comfortable nonstop tour buses from La Paz to Copacabana – including those operated by Titicaca Tourist Transportation – cost about B$30 and are well worth the investment. They depart from La Paz at about 8am and leave Copacabana at 1:30pm and 6:30pm (four hours). You will need to exit the bus at Estrecho de Tiquina (Tiquina Straits) to cross via ferry between the towns of San Pedro de Tiquina and San Pablo de Tiquina (15 minutes).

Buses to Peru depart and arrive in Copacabana from Av 16 de Julio. You can also get to Puno by catching a public minibus from Plaza Sucre to Kasani (B$4, 15 minutes). Across the border there’s frequent, if crowded, onward transportation to Yunguyo (five minutes) and Puno (2½ hours).

A new player in the bus game, Irish-run Bolivia Hop offers services between Lima, Arequipa, Copa and La Paz, and helps travelers with customs and hostal arrangements.

Bus Costs and Distances

DestinationCost (B$)Time (hr)
Arequipa (Peru)8010-11
Cuzco (Peru)8011-12
La Paz20-304
Puno (Peru)303-4


Buy your tickets for boat tours to Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol from agencies on Av 6 de Agosto or from beachfront kiosks. If you're traveling in a big group, consider renting a private boat for B$600 to B$900 per day. Separate return services are available from both islands.


A new airport opened in 2018. At the time of research it was not yet complete, but was planned to have domestic flight connections to La Paz, Rurrenabaque, Trinidad and Uyuni.