Some of the best Titicaca fish is served at beachfront stalls, though hygiene is questionable. The bargain basement is the market comedor (dining hall), where you can eat a generous meal of trucha for a pittance, or an ‘insulin shock’ breakfast of hot api morado (hot corn drink; B$4) and syrupy buñuelos (donuts or fritters; B$3).

Several tourist-oriented cafes are situated along Av 6 de Agosto.

Eat Local

The specialty in Copacabana is trucha criolla (rainbow trout) and pejerrey (king fish) from Lake Titicaca. The trout were introduced in 1939 to increase protein content in the local diet. The catch of the day is served ad nauseam to varying degrees of taste – some resemble electrocuted sardines while others are worthy of a Michelin restaurant rating.