National Holiday in Copacabana

Bolivian Independence Day

Copacabana stages its biggest event during the first week in August. It’s characterized by round-the-clock music, parades, brass bands, fireworks and amazing alcohol consumption. This coincides with a traditional pi…
Religious in Copacabana

Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria

Honors the patron saint of Copacabana and all Bolivia. Copacabana holds an especially big bash and pilgrims and dancers come from Peru and around Bolivia. There’s much music, traditional Aymará dancing, drinking and…
Spiritual in Copacabana

Alasitas Festival

One local tradition is the blessing of miniature objects, such as cars or houses. Supplicants pray that the real thing will be obtained in the coming year. Held on January 24.
Religious in Copacabana

Fiesta de la Cruz

Celebrated over the first weekend in May (or on May 3 – check, as dates change) all around the lake, but the biggest festivities are in Copacabana.
Religious in Copacabana

Good Friday

The town fills with pilgrims, who join a solemn candlelit procession at dusk.
Religious in Copacabana

Semana Santa

Easter Week celebrations fill the town with pilgrims on Good Friday – some walk the 158km from La Paz – to do penance at the Stations of the Cross on Cerro Calvario. Beginning at the cathedral at dusk, pilgrims join…