Concepción in detail

Flights & getting there

Buses (B$35, seven hours) from Santa Cruz to Concepción run every two or three hours from 7:30am to 11:15pm via San Xavier (B$20, two hours). They drop off on the main road (a 15-minute walk from the plaza or a B$3 moto-taxi ride away) or at the respective company offices. Trufis (shared car or minibus, B$50, five hours) to Santa Cruz leave when full from near the market.

If you are thinking of visiting Concepción and continuing on to San Ignacio de Velasco on the same day, you need to leave Santa Cruz very early. The San Ignacio buses from Santa Cruz (B$60, eight hours) pass through Concepción around 5pm, stopping on the main road 1km from the plaza. Trufis to San Ignacio (three hours, B$50) leave from the market when full.