Top things to do in Cochabamba

Top Choice Palace in Cochabamba

Palacio Portales

Nothing symbolizes Bolivia's gilded mineral age like tin baron Simón Patiño's European-style Palacio Portales. Though he never actually inhabited this opulent mansion completed in 1927, it was stocked with some of t…
Top Choice Beer Garden in Cochabamba

Muela del Diablo

The central patio of this exceptionally charming place, wonderfully lit up at night by candles and glowing heat lamps, is surrounded by archways and columns. The feel is of a cool hideaway in an abandoned villa in a…
Top Choice Latin American in Cochabamba

Casa de Campo

A Cochabamba classic, this loud and cheerful partly open-air restaurant is a traditional spot to meet, eat and play cacho (dice). There’s a big range of Bolivian dishes and grilled meats; the food is fine (and piled…
Top Choice International in Cochabamba


A corrugated shipping container facade conceals this intimate and sophisticated scene. Dishes include creative salads, like quinoa with tandoori chicken, burgers and a dozen pasta dishes (gluten free upon request). …
Top Choice Landmark in Cochabamba

Cristo de la Concordia

This immense Christ statue standing atop Cerro de San Pedro (2800m) behind Cochabamba is the second largest of its kind in the world. It's 44cm higher than the famous Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, which stands …
Top Choice Convent in Cochabamba

Convento de Santa Teresa

The noble, timeworn Convento de Santa Teresa is straight out of a Gabriel García Márquez novel. Guided tours (around 45 minutes) of this gracefully decaying complex allow you to see the peaceful cloister, fine altar…
Top Choice International in Cochabamba


This contemporary, bright and airy restaurant has the look, feel and healthy menu choices of a southern California cafe. The umbrella-shaded outdoor patio is an ideal place for a breakfast of eggs, a fruit smoothie …
Top Choice Beer Garden in Cochabamba

Suassuna por Cafe Fragmentos

Lively on weekend nights when the outdoor garden tables lit with candles are filled with young couples and small groups of friends enjoying cheap drinks (B$20 for two Cuba Libres), snacks and small dishes.
Top Choice Vegetarian in Cochabamba


A sparsely designed white-brick space with several long picnic-style tables and a menu of Bolivian-style vegetarian dishes and good fruit juices.
Religious in Cochabamba

Fiesta de la Virgen de Urkupiña

For four or so days in Quillacollo, basically a district of Cochabamba 13km to the east, the chicha flows liberally (as does garapiña, a strong blend of chicha, cinnamon, coconut and ayrampo, a local mystery ingredi…