Cochabamba in detail

Flights & getting there


The flight between La Paz and Cochabamba’s Jorge Wilstermann International Airport – only 4km southwest of the center – must be one of the world’s most incredible (sit on the left coming from La Paz, the right from Cochabamba), with fabulous views of the dramatic Cordillera Quimsa Cruz and a (disconcertingly) close-up view of the peak of Illimani. Most flights between Santa Cruz and La Paz touch down briefly at Cochabamba and the city also connects them with flights to Sucre.

BoA, Ecojet, Amaszonas and TAM combined, run a bunch of daily flights between Santa Cruz and La Paz via Cochabamba and a couple of daily flights to Sucre. There are also daily flights to Oruro, Trinidad and Tarija, the latter continuing on to Yacuiba a couple of days a week (the schedule changes). Flights to Uyuni generally connect via La Paz.

Micro B (B$2) shuttles between the airport and the main plaza. Taxis to or from the center cost B$25 to B$30. To Quillacollo or Tiquipaya it's B$50.


Cochabamba’s main bus terminal, just south of the center, has an information kiosk, a branch of the tourist police, ATMs, luggage storage and a casa de cambio (money exchange bureau). The traffic around the terminal is a mess; if bags are small and light and it's daytime, it might be worth walking a few blocks to hail a taxi.

Trufis (collective taxis) and micros to eastern Cochabamba Valley villages leave from a variety of spots south of the center, along Av República at the corners of Barrientos, Av 6 de Agosto and Mairana.

Torotoro micros (B$35) with Sindicato de Transporte Mixto Toro Toro Turistico depart daily, when full, from around 7am until late in the afternoon, but waits can vary; 1½ hours isn't unusual. Arrive around 7am or go with a group and it should be quick. Services to the western part of the valley leave from the corner of Avs Ayacucho and Aroma. For Villa Tunari, micros to Chapare leave from the corner of Avs República and Oquendo.

Expreso Campero runs minivans to Aquile and Peña Colorada leaving Cochabamba at noon, 4pm and 6pm.

Departures to La Paz and Santa Cruz leave frequently throughout the day. Oruro and Potosí are mostly nighttime trips.

Bolívar and Trans Copacabana generally have the most qualified drivers and so are the most recommended bus lines.

Best to buy your tickets in the morning the day of your trip. If you turn up in the evening, shortly before departure, we've heard stories of people being scammed.

DestinationCost (B$)Time (hr)
Buenos Aires90054
La Paz40-1009
Santa Cruz95-13012
Villa Tunaribus 15, trufi 35bus 4, trufi 3