Top Choice Palace in Cochabamba

Palacio Portales

Nothing symbolizes Bolivia's gilded mineral age like tin baron Simón Patiño's European-style Palacio Portales. Though he never actually inhabited this opulent mansion completed in 1927, it was stocked with some of t…
Landmark in Cochabamba

Cristo de la Concordia

This immense Christ statue standing atop Cerro de San Pedro (2800m) behind Cochabamba is the second largest of its kind in the world. Its 44cm higher than the famous Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, which stands 3…
Convent in Cochabamba

Convento de Santa Teresa

Straight out of a Gabriel García Márquez novel is the noble, timeworn Convento de Santa Teresa. Guided tours (around 45 minutes) of this gracefully decaying complex allow you to see the peaceful cloister, fine altar…
Museum in Cochabamba

Museo Arqueológico

The Museo Arqueológico provides an excellent overview of Bolivia’s various indigenous cultures. The collection is split into three sections: the archaeological collection, the ethnographic collection and the paleont…
Market in Cochabamba

La Cancha

Sprawling, chaotic and claustrophobic, Cochabamba's main market, while lacking an attractive mise-en-scène, is nevertheless a colorful place to wander. The largest and most accessible area is Mercado Cancha Calatayu…
Church in Cochabamba


On the arcaded Plaza 14 de Septiembre, Cochabamba's cathedral is the valley’s oldest religious structure, begun in 1571. Later additions and renovations have removed some character, but a fine eastern portal has bee…
Museum in Cochabamba

Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d’Orbigny

Adjacent to the Palacio Portales is the city's rather more low-key natural history museum. With its creaky wooden floors and array of stuffed birds and mammals, this is a good way to kill half an hour while waiting …
Church in Cochabamba

Iglesia de la Recoleta

North of the river, the baroque Iglesia de la Recoleta (construction began in 1654) houses the attractive wooden Cristo de la Recoleta.
Church in Cochabamba

Iglesia & Convento de San Francisco

Constructed in 1581, the Iglesia & Convento de San Francisco is Cochabamba’s second-oldest church. However major revisions and renovation occurred in 1782 and 1925, and little of the original structure remains. …
Church in Cochabamba

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

This rococo church was founded in 1612, but construction didn’t begin until 1778. Its intriguing main facade is made of stone, with anthropomorphic columns. The interior, with a much-revered Trinity, is less interes…