Top things to do

Museum in Cobija

Natural History Museum

A small natural history museum is filled with the usual collection of pickled animal bits.
Art in Cobija

Feria de Muestras

The Pando’s biggest annual bash, the Feria de Muestras (August 18 to 27), showcases the work of local artisans and is held at the extreme western end of town, near the Río Acre.
International in Cobija

Esquina de la Abuela

This is Cobija’s nicest eatery with alfresco tables and fresh, well-cooked chicken and meat dishes served under a gigantic palapa (palm) wigwam.
Chinese in Cobija

Hong Kong

Standard Chinese fare in the usual big portions. There is an authentic Chinese bakery next door for snacks.
Church in Cobija


The cathedral has a series of naive paintings from the life of Christ.
in Cobija

Panadería la Oriental

Cakes, bread and buns are on offer at this authentic Chinese bakery.