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Getting There & Away

Since the closure of the original La Paz–Coroico road, the nail-biting route from La Paz to Chulumani, which extends on to Irupana, has claimed the title of the World’s Most Dangerous Road. If you can keep your nerves in check, it is actually an exceptionally beautiful route, though it’s hard to appreciate when your bus is reversing round a blind, muddy bend in search of a section wide enough to let oncoming traffic past.

The town is also readily accessed from Yanacachi at the end of the Takesi trek. From Yanacachi, walk down to the main road and wait for transportation headed downhill; it’s about 1½ hours to Chulumani.

From Villa Fátima in La Paz (Minasa Terminal), various bus companies depart when full for Chulumani (B$30, four hours) from 8am to 4pm. From Chulumani, La Paz–bound buses wait around the tranca (police post). Theoretically, there are several departures before 10am and after 4pm.

Coming from Coroico, get off at Unduavi and wait for another vehicle. It will likely be standing-room only; if a seat is a priority, you’ll have to go all the way back to La Paz and start from there.

It’s also possible to go to Coroico via Coripata; take a La Paz–bound bus and get off at the crossroads just after Puente Villa at Km 93. Here, wait for a bus or camión (flatbed truck) to Coripata and then change again for a lift to Coroico. It’s a long and dusty but worthwhile trip. An easier option is to hire a taxi; expect to pay B$400 for the trip to Coroico for up to four people.