Aucapata & Iskanwaya attractions

Ruins in Aucapata & Iskanwaya


The major but near-forgotten ruins of Iskanwaya, on the western slopes of the Cordillera Real, sit in a cactus-filled canyon, perched 250m above the Río Llica. Thought to date from between 1145 and 1425, the site is…
Ruins in Aucapata & Iskanwaya


A set of Mollo ruins so little explored that locals say you can still find ceramic pieces and other artifacts. It lies like a fortress on the peak above Aucapata and can be reached on a 1½-hour hike from Aucapata's …
Museum in Aucapata & Iskanwaya


This small, poorly maintained museum contains artifacts from the Iskanwaya site, including ceramics, copper utensils and bone flutes. Admission is free but you'll need to ask at Residencial Iskanwaya for the keys.