Top Choice Palace in Cochabamba

Palacio Portales

Nothing symbolizes Bolivia's gilded mineral age like tin baron Simón Patiño's European-style Palacio Portales. Though he never actually inhabited this opulent mansion completed in 1927, it was stocked with some of t…
Landmark in Cochabamba

Cristo de la Concordia

This immense Christ statue standing atop Cerro de San Pedro (2800m) behind Cochabamba is the second largest of its kind in the world. Its 44cm higher than the famous Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, which stands 3…
Architecture in Potosí

La Catedral

Construction of La Catedral was initiated in 1564 and finally completed around 1600. The original building lasted until the early 19th century, when it mostly collapsed. Most of what is now visible is the neoclassic…
Notable Building in Sucre

Supreme Court

Sucre houses Bolivia's supreme court in this neoclassical building fronting Parque Bolívar. It was inaugurated in 1945.
Landmark in Around Uyuni

Isla Incahuasi

For most Salar de Uyuni tours, the main destination is the spectacular Isla Incahuasi, otherwise known as Inkawasi, in the heart of the salar 80km west of Colchani. This hilly outpost is covered in Trichocereus cact…
Historic Building in Potosí

Los Ingenios

On the banks of the Río Huana Mayu, in the upper Potosí barrios of Cantumarca and San Antonio, are some fine ruined examples of the ingenios (smelters). These were formerly used to extract silver from the ore hauled…
Architecture in Potosí

Calle Quijarro

North of the Iglesia de San Agustín, Calle Quijarro narrows as it winds between a wealth of colonial buildings, many with doorways graced by old family crests. It’s thought that the bends in this street were an inte…
Landmark in Around Uyuni

Playa Blanca Salt Hotel

Although it is now closed to overnight visitors, you can still check out the salt sculptures inside and the Dakar Rally and Flag Monuments outside (add your flag if you've brought one!). Find your own isolated piece…
Historic Building in Sorata

Casa Günther

It’s worth taking a look at Casa Günther, a rambling, historic mansion in the northeast corner of the plaza that now houses the Residencial Sorata. It was built in 1895 as the home of the Richters, a quinine-trading…
Landmark in Vallegrande

Hospital Señor de la Malta

After Che’s execution in La Higuera, south of Vallegrande, his body was brought to the now-dilapidated hospital laundry. The hospital still functions, but the laundry itself has been cordoned off as a pilgrimage sit…