A worthwhile trip, the site consists of a series of rock paintings of llamas and humans in red and orange tones, dating to the first millennium BC. It’s located under an overhang 3.5km beyond the village of Calacala, 26km east of Oruro. Stop in the village to locate the guard who has the keys and collects the fee, she is usually near the road junction with hexagonal floor tiles at the end of the village.

The site itself is a 30-minute walk further on, near the old brewery. It was a place of rest for ancient llama trains heading for the Potosí and Cochabamba valleys. The views from the site of the exceptionally beautiful valley, which provides some of Oruro’s water, are spectacular. There’s no public transport unless it’s the feast day of Señor de la Laguna (Lord of the Lake) on September 14. Expect to pay at least B$100 for a taxi.