Top Choice Museum in Trinidad

Kenneth Lee Ethno-Archaeological Museum

Named for the gringo querido del Beni, the beloved white man of the Amazon, this museum north of the center is considered the city's top cultural attraction. It exhibits artefacts from the Trinidad region, including…
Park in Trinidad

Parque Pantanal

On the road to the airport, this wooded park no longer serves as a wildlife rehab center – the inmates got a bit feisty – but it's still a nice place to wander the pathways and check out bird life, like the yellow-w…
Church in San Ignacio de Moxos


The church on the plaza was restored and rebuilt from 1995 to 2003 and adopts the familiar Jesuit style with a wide roof supported by wooden columns, though they are noticeably smooth and without decoration in this …
Museum in Trinidad

Museo Ictícola

At the university 1.5km north of town along Cipriano Barace is the Museo Ictícola, an extensive aquarium featuring some of the 500 species of Amazonian fish; some pickled and preserved, some still swimming. The elec…
Museum in Cobija

Natural History Museum

A small natural history museum is filled with the usual collection of pickled animal bits.
Village in Reserva Biosférica del Beni


A stone’s throw from the road and a 40-minute walk from El Porvenir is Totaizal. This friendly and well-organized village of 140 people lies hidden in the forest of the Chimane reserve. People living in the settleme…
Lake in San Ignacio de Moxos

Laguna Isirere

North of town at the large Laguna Isirere, you can go fishing and swimming, observe the profuse bird life and watch the gorgeous sunset. It’s accessible on a 30-minute walk or by hitchhiking from town. The greater a…
Lake in Reserva Biosférica del Beni

Laguna Normandia

This savanna lake, an hour’s walk from El Porvenir, is the reserve’s most popular destination. The sight of the world’s largest population of crawling, rare black caimans – there are at least 400 of them – is truly …
Plaza in Trinidad

Plaza Gral José Ballivián

Trinidad’s loveliest feature is Plaza Gral José Ballivián, with its tall, tropical trees, lush gardens and community atmosphere. You can spend a pleasant evening eating ice cream and listening to the rhythmic drone …
Park in Villa Tunari

Las Hormiguitas

Fremen Tours operates a small park/wildlife garden 11km from Villa Tunari called Las Hormiguitas (The Ants). The park features a variety of bromeliads and other plant life, as well as some (caged) local fauna. A tax…