Amazon Basin attractions

Top Choice Nature Reserve in Trinidad

Santuario Chuchini

The Santuario Chuchini (Jaguar's Lair) is one of the few easily accessible Paitití sites – mounds belonging to an ancient civilization. This wildlife sanctuary and camp sits on an 8-hectare loma (artificial mound). …
Top Choice Museum in Trinidad

Museo Etnoarqueológico Kenneth Lee

Named for the gringo querido del Beni, the beloved white man of the Beni, this small museum north of the center is considered the city's top cultural attraction. It exhibits artifacts from the Trinidad region, inclu…
National Park in Amazon Basin

Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado

The wonderfully remote and globally important Noel Kempff Mercado National Park is home to a broad spectrum of Amazonian flora and fauna and has a wide range of dwindling habitats, from open cerrado (savanna) to den…
Wildlife Reserve in Amazon Basin

Reserva Barba Azul

Thanks to the efforts of the conservation NGO Armonía, the squawkily endangered blue-throated macaw or barba azul has become something of a regional celebrity in the Bolivian Amazon. Endemic to the unique Beni savan…
Nature Reserve in Riberalta

Area Protegida Municipal Aquicuana

This lush jungle reserve 22km north of Riberalta (B$30 by moto-taxi) is a great spot for bird-watching, wildlife watching (particularly caimans and anaconda) and fishing for giant paiche (a species of bonytongue). T…
Community in Riberalta


Tumichucuá is a small community about 25km south of town (B$30 by moto-taxi) toward ‘El Triángulo’ (the road junction to Cobija). There is a lake for swimming and a forested island with walking trails, plus cabins. …
National Park in Chapare Region

Parque Nacional Carrasco

Created in 1988, this 622,600ha park has some of Bolivia’s most easily explored cloud forest. It skirts a large portion of the road between Cochabamba and Villa Tunari, and also includes a big lowland area of the Ch…
Lake in Reserva de la Biosfera y Estación Biológica del Beni

Laguna Normandia

This savanna lake, a 2km walk from El Porvenir, is the reserve’s most popular destination. The sight of one of the world’s largest populations of crawling, rare black caimans – there are at least 400 of them – is tr…
Lake in San Ignacio de Moxos

Laguna Isirere

North of town at the large Laguna Isirere, you can go fishing and swimming, observe the profuse bird life and watch the gorgeous sunset. It’s accessible on a 30-minute (2km) walk or moto-taxi (B$5) from town.
Village in Reserva de la Biosfera y Estación Biológica del Beni


A stone’s throw from the road and a 40-minute walk from El Porvenir is Totaizal. This friendly and well-organized village of 300 people is the closest to the reserve and it's where Sernap arranges guides and horses.…