Day Trips & Excursions

Day Tour to Titicaca Lake from La Paz

Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, located at 3856 meters above sea level. Its shores and small islands are home to the Aymara and Quechua who come from ancient cultures that lived in this area long before the Incas dominate. Here visitors can explore traditional villages where Spanish is the second language and where ancient myths and beliefs persist even today. One of the peculiarities of Lake Titicaca are the small floating islands inhabited by a tribe called the Uros. In these small islands visitors are welcomed and can even ride in one of the famous reed boats.
9 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

City Tour Santa Cruz de la Sierra

This tour is an excellent experience to know the most thriving city in Bolivia. An exceptional tour of the city, with breaks to eat and visit the main historical sites! Make the most of your vacation. The best urban guided tours in this urban tour.
3 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Sun Island - Copacabana Full Day Tour from La Paz or Puno

FD La Paz (Puno) – Sun Island + Typical Lunch (Apthapi) + Chañi Floating Islands – Puno (La Paz)
1 day