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Travel Adventures competition – Terms & Conditions

Thanks for entering Lonely Planet’s Travel Adventures competition. Here’s some important stuff you should know. Who’s running the show? The promoter is Lonely Planet Publications Pty Limited (ABN 36 005 607 983) of 90 Maribyrnong …

By admin   1 February 2012 1:21am Europe/London

30 travel terms that don’t exist but should

The Oxford English Dictionary contains over 600,000 unique words – surely enough to describe any situation, one would think. But as any traveler knows, the world has a way of confronting us with sights and …

By admin   28 January 2012 11:15am Europe/London
Pile of books

Get answers from the Book of Everything

Have you ever found yourself slogging up the side of a mountain, silently wishing you had known how to shed a few pounds from that backpack before starting out? Or perhaps you once wound up …

By admin   20 January 2012 9:27pm Europe/London

Top 5 most suggestive US state tourism slogans

The USA’s least-visited state, North Dakota raised eyebrows recently, with a ‘flirty’ tourism ad ‘aimed at Canadians’ that suggested Fargo nightlife could lead to ‘legendary’ status in amorous matters del noche. The shot, one of …

By admin   19 January 2012 6:46am Europe/London

Get happy! 5 rules for travel happiness

A couple years ago, before attending a powerhouse travel conference – complete with PowerPoint, flowcharts, the whole deal – I made a t-shirt. A plain blue tee, with white block letters that read ‘TRAVEL IS …

By admin   17 January 2012 5:04am Europe/London

8 travel challenges for 2012

So it begins! Some say, a nutty few anyway, that doomsday is coming December 21, 2012, when the Mayan Long Count calendar clicks to a close. Well, look on the bright side: that gives us …

By admin   31 December 2011 6:27am Europe/London
Quizzes and Competitions

Competition: win your dream trip

If you had the chance to see and experience anything you wanted, where would you go? It’s the kind of question that friends like to ask each other around the campfire…or on Facebook. And it’s …

By admin   27 December 2011 6:00am Europe/London
Country Driving

Top travel literature titles of 2011

It’s the end of the year, so here are some of the top rated travel literature books we’ve reviewed in 2011. If either you’re after some inspiration for your travels in 2012 or a gift …

By admin   17 December 2011 9:33am Europe/London

Food travel: what’s your favourite destination?

Recently we asked our Twitter followers the question: which destinations have you (or will you) visit primarily for the food? As you would expect, hundreds of foodies replied with their favourite places to get their …

By admin   15 December 2011 4:08pm Europe/London
Happy revellers in carnival
Behind the scenes • Community

Smile! Lonely Planet’s guide to Happy travelling

We travel for many reasons. Some people do it for strict business needs, others to see their loved ones and most of us for the sheer pleasure of getting away from the mundane and discovering …

By admin   14 December 2011 4:12am Europe/London