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Pathfinders spotlight: Binny Marwaha, A Speck in Time

Binny and family on their first high-altitude hike in the Markha Valley Ladakh Binny and family on their first high-altitude hike in the Markha Valley, Ladakh © Binny Marwaha

Every month we're shining a light on some of the incredible content creators that make up the community level of our Pathfinders programme.

Our inaugural post features Binny Marwaha from aspeckintime.com. Binny caught our attention with her epic family adventures that see the whole brood embarking on high-altitude hikes around the Alps, Patagonia and Asia as well as a 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp and the Chola Pass – a tall task for many adult travelers. This mountain-loving motley crew have been traveling together since 2005 and hope to use their undeniable passion for the outdoors and hiking to dispel the idea that children and travel are incompatible.

Tell us about your blog!

I started blogging in October 2017 after two years of contemplating (read: procrastinating), as a way to share stories from my travels with my family. The majority of these travels are adventure-driven, but I try to digress sometimes.

The aim of the blog is to inform, by imparting lessons learned and knowledge gathered during years of traveling with the family; and to inspire, by telling our stories and interacting with other families to help them plan their own adventures.

Who's behind the blog?

The restless, at times eccentric 'speck' is called Binny Marwaha, who is madly in love with this planet and has been traveling around the globe with her family for the last thirteen years. This speck in time is on a perpetual quest to understand its place in the universe.

Describe your travel style in three words...

Adventure, connection, low-impact.

Binny and family pose for a picture with mountains behind en route to Everest Base Camp En route to Everest Base Camp © Binny Marwaha

Top three places you've visited?

This is a hard one. The Himalayas, because there is nothing like high mountains, and this is where my soul lives. Iceland, for the freshest air, its incredible beauty, amazing people and the most delicious fish in the world. And Patagonia, for its ruggedness, vast vistas and wilderness.

Which destinations are on your travel list for 2018?

Mongolia, Canada, Australia, K2 Base Camp (if not in 2018 then in 2019). We’ve got all the Lonely Planet guides already to help with planning.

What advice would you give a first-time family traveler?

Never let anyone tell you that traveling with kids is impossible – your little ones are very resilient. Involve your kids in the planning process to make it a great experience for the everyone.

Traveling with your kids expands your perspectives, and shared experiences deepen your bond.

Why do you love travel blogging?

For the pure joy of storytelling as well as a desire to inspire other families to travel more. It’s a great way for me to connect with other families who love adventure, travel together and are also debunking the myth that travel and children don’t mix. Traveling gives us an appreciation for human diversity which ultimately turns into a celebration of our differences rather than an intolerance, and I love to spread this message.

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