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In the studio with Owen Gatley, illustrator for The Honeymoon Handbook

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We chatted with Illustrator Owen Gatley on how he created the cover illustration for our new title, The Honeymoon Handbook.

Tell us about the brief

I set about creating something that would really stand out and be immediately recognisable as honeymoon themed. I liked the idea of combining transport, scenery, and couples, so ended up going down that route.

How did you make a start?

I initially presented a couple of ideas for the front cover, the first being a ‘just married’ car driving along the dramatic Amalfi Coast; and the second being a couple riding a Vespa through a quaint Italian street. After settling on the latter, I started to sketch the back cover scene, adding more couples eating and drinking al fresco to really illustrate the honeymoon theme. I then started introducing colour to give the design team an impression of how the final might look.

Were there any challenges?

Picking the right colour palette was challenging as there's lots going on in the illustration. The first version I drew up had more peachy stone-coloured hues but eventually, we decided on a more bluey palette that you can see on the final illustration (below).

Owen's illustrations

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