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LP Pathfinders: top posts from August 2016

The route starts in the scenic Black Canyon. Huge multi-colored balloon over stone desert near the seaside resort of Eilat A hot-air balloon above Israel's Black Canyon © kavram / Getty Images

August brings us another action-packed month of adventures from hot-air ballooning and hiking to snorkeling in the height of winter. These travel tales will inspire you to hit the road, help you plan your trip and also provide the antidote to those post-trip blues.

And because it keeps getting harder to pick just five top stories, this month we’ve also included three extra gems from our runners-up.

Pacific Coast dreamin’ in Tofino – Macca & Brianna

This teaser for Tofino will have you yearning for the lush landscapes and cool coastlines that make this Canadian beauty a road tripper’s dream. We love that we get two different perspectives in this post, seeing Tofino through the eyes of both a Canadian native and a first-time visitor.

Macca wants to inspire you to do something different on your travels. Follow his blog at anadventurousworld.com

Snorkeling in Iceland in the winter – Sarah Loehndorf

The subject matter of this post caught our attention immediately – snorkeling, Iceland and winter are three words not often seen together. But Sarah’s adventures into Iceland’s icy waters truly piqued our wanderlust, whilst simultaneously having us reaching for a hot cup of cocoa.

Sarah is all about balancing a passion for travel with a full-time career. Follow her blog at balancingwanderlust.com

Going on a wheelchair accessible hot-air balloon ride over Israel – Cory Lee

Cory’s post goes to prove that travel, even to less-trodden destinations, can be accessible to all. The play-by-play of his experience provides a real insight into the logistics of hot-air ballooning for a wheelchair user, and his stunning snaps capture the magic of soaring over Israel’s golden landscapes.

This travel addict’s mission is to inspire you to start rolling around the world. Follow his blog at curbfreewithcorylee.com

Climbing Mount Mitoku – Rhonda Krause

Rhonda’s light and personable tone makes you feel like you're chatting to an old friend and brings this challenging journey to life. The spiritual, and somewhat fantastical, nature of the hike is expertly captured in Rhonda’s images and her conclusive thoughts on the experience.

This traveller is a teacher by day, photographer at the weekends and an explorer at heart. Follow her blog at travelyesplease.com

How to deal with the post-vacation blues – Rositsa Neame

Most of the travel tales that we read focus on trip planning or the trip itself. But what about when you get back? Rositsa’s blog post tackles that all too familiar feeling of post-vacation blues, providing some top tips on how to raise your spirits once your travels have ended.

Bulgarian native Rositsa is impatient to see the world. Follow her blog at primalyum.co.uk

Our runners-up:

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