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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from October 2015


There was a good appreciation of light and the transitioning of colours in this month’s Pathfinders Instagram round-up, with captures from Mam Tor to Meteora.

Every month we share the most eye-catching and interesting Instagram captures from our Pathfinders community. Here are our selections for October.


‘I spent 10 months on the road before returning to my home country, England. As is always, travelling teaches you to see your own country with new and different eyes. Despite it only being a one hour drive from my front door, I'd never been to Mam Tor before. My dad dragged me out of bed at 4:30am so we would arrive before sunrise. What's so unique about this sunrise is the inversion you get of cloud at the bottom of the valley. It really is a special moment when the light lifts over the mist in the valleys below. It was one of those, 'Where I'm from is pretty incredible' moments!’ – Annapurna Mellor. Why we like it: The subtle transition of colour from the beige clouds and fog in the top right corner, down to the muted greens in the bottom left. It makes us want let out a soothing exhale.


Bologna has 40 km of these porticoes around the city, making it the perfect city to walk around in – you never need an umbrella!’ – Yasmine, Peeking Duck

Why we like it: A good photograph isn’t always about capturing something spectacular. Often, as with travelling, it’s about focusing in on the overlooked things – like the way the sun hits a building and creates a pathway of perfectly spaced shadows.


‘I captured this one on my first and solo trip in Asia when wandering the backstreets of the shopping districts. I took a moment to just take in how far I had come on my own to this mostly non-English speaking side of the capital.’ – Its All Bee Why we like it: It makes us curious and ask the question: what’s he looking at? And, more importantly: who is he and what’s his life like? It’s not always easy to match-up perspectives in a picture but in this case it has been done well: with the street, the man’s line of sight, and the focal point near the middle of the picture all tied together.


‘London's mews streets are some of the prettiest places in the city, and in the autumn they really come alive with bright colors. It's easy to focus on the big attractions in London, but for me it's the quiet corners of the city that make it special.’ – Julie, A Lady in London

Why we like it: There’s no doubting the charm of autumn in London as it blankets the city. We thought this close up of a front door, down a little mews street, captured the mood of the city at this time of year perfectly, and had us reaching for our favourite woolly knitted scarf.


‘My trip to Meteora was plagued with grey skies and rain, but on our final morning there the sun finally came out! This is a shot I snapped of the Roussanou Monastery with Meteora's Rock Forest in the background.’ – Audrey, That Backpacker

Why we like it: What can we say? A spectacular setting, and a spectacularly crisp and colourful capture. Take us there now, please.

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