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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from July 2015


For our snap-happy Pathfinders, this month was all about capturing small moments in time. With a strong focus on Southeast Asia, they prompted us to ponder the story behind the images – both the public and the private spaces.

Each month we share the best captures from our Pathfinders community. Here are our selections for July.


‘During our time in Thailand, we decided to head to Chiang Mai for Songkran, mainly to fight the heat but also because we couldn't resist the idea of a giant water fight! After taping my poor camera with as many plastic bags as possible to help it survive the festival, we headed into the town center. Passing by while on a vehicle meant getting very wet, so when that open tuk tuk came, I knew I had to prepare myself to take a photo. Buckets of water were thrown on the passengers and drivers, giving tthis shot a nice feel of what Songkran in Thailand looks like.’ - Marie-Carmen, The Orient Excess

Why we like it: The picture’s Cartier-Bresson, ‘decisive moment’ style, with the water splash frozen in the centre of the image. The subjects in the middle are partly blocked from sight, creating a sense of curiosity about what happened there in Thailand just after this scene.


A photo posted by Jo Yee (@candidsbyjo) on

Halong Bay was on my must-see destination list for its dramatic landscape of limestone islands, but learning about the fishing villages within the bay was what really ended up endearing me to it. There are people who spend their whole lives in their floating house villages and many have never stepped foot on the mainland.’ - Jo Yee, Candids By Jo

Why we like it: The top down perspective. That’s what grabbed us immediately. And the fact it’s just a fragment of a much larger scene. It makes us wonder about the other people there on that day, and what sounds and smells would go along with the setting and time of day in Halong Bay.


A photo posted by Jo Yee (@candidsbyjo) on

‘We left Vietnam's bustling cities and heavy motorcycle traffic for a few days of island life as guests of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay. I can't think of a better place to recharge after 10 days of travelling in this relentless heat and humidity – waking up to the bay's gentle waves in this ‘nap alcove’ really didn’t get old.’ - Jo Yee, Candids By Jo

Why we like it: It draws us in with the open doors and makes us want to plonk ourselves there, on that very couch, pop our feet up and take in the stillness and serenity of it all. The softer tones and darker colouring add to the ‘just woke up in paradise’ vibe.


A photo posted by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) on

‘One of Czech Republic's most charming towns, with a worthy spot on Unesco’s World Heritage List. Truly a must-see in Europe.’ - Aileen Adalid, I Am Aileen

Why we like it: The expansive view and the greens hills in the distance; the curl of the river on the right side; the feeling of freshness from the colours of the roofs and clear blue sky.


A photo posted by Gijs de Blauw (@gijs.db) on

‘We didn't have long in Bangkok, and after very little sleep on the plane we didn't want to waste any time so we instantly went out to explore the city. We read a lot about floating markets and wanted to visit one. This is where I managed to capture this lady who was one of the many vendors selling goods from her small boat – my favorite picture I've ever taken.’ - Gijs, @gijs

Why we like it: The subject. The photo doesn’t get in the way of her. It shows the honesty in her eyes and the life-experience in the lines of her face. The blurring of the background means our eyes aren’t distracted by any other details and can pause for a second to ponder about her own life and culture.

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