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Storify: Eurovision 2015

Eurovision Storify

Our self-confessed Eurovision devotee, Chris Zeiher, spent a week in Vienna touring the beautiful sights, indulging in some fine coffee, and getting the low-down from the front row at Europe's favourite singing contest. Here's what he got up to...

'It was a week where we witnessed a Swedish singer with an animated army, a Latvian songstress and a Lorde-loving Belgian. To kick it all off, Conchita flew over the audience, no glitter or sequin spared. Not only was this the 60th anniversary contest to be broadcast live in 43 countries across the world with an estimated viewing total of over 200 million, but it also officially became the longest-running televised singing contest in history. To celebrate, Australia - a nation which has embraced Eurovision with gusto - was invited to join the competition in the Grand Final as the first ever wild card, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.'

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