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Lonely Planet's Talk2Us: where to send your burning questions, comments and feedback

Ever wanted to send us feedback after using a Lonely Planet guide? Noticed a mistake on our website? Perhaps you never got round to it before or you couldn't find the right place to do so. Well, no more excuses: here's everything you need to know about contacting us.

First, let us introduce ourselves. We're the Talk2Us team, real people based in the LP London (UK) office and we make up a grand total of two. Unless we're both off jet-setting (which happens a lot less than you might think!), it's one of us you're writing to.

Lonely Planet's Talk2Us team standing in front of a bookshelf full of Lonely Planet guide books
Lonely Planet's Talk2Us team, Ellie and Anna, prowling in the LP library to get to the bottom of your feedback.

We’d love to hear your thoughts

From recommendations of an awesome hotel in the Namibian bush to warnings about serious issues that could affect other travellers, we're here to see that all this information gets dealt with in the right way, by the right people. We’re very lucky to have such an amazing Community out there (that’s you) and we want to hear what you have to say.

So whoever or wherever you may be, whenever you send us feedback we're on the case - and we want you to reach out to us even more. Here's a little more insight into how we collect, respond to and utilise the thousands of emails we receive every year.

Getting your feedback to the right people

Everything you tell us gets sent on to the relevant Destination Editor, Author or content team. They use your feedback to inspire new content, and improve the information we provide in our guides, on the website and in all our other products. Smaller updates such as closed restaurants and changed addresses get verified by us and corrected when we reprint (which happens approximately 1-4 times in an edition’s life, depending on the guide).

Unfortunately, much as we're sure they’d love to, our authors can’t be everywhere at once and our ever-evolving world doesn’t stay the same for long. Though Lonely Planet prides itself on visiting the places we write about and never accepting freebies in exchange for positive coverage, standards at reviewed businesses can decline or improve and places do close down. If this is the case, we want to know about it.

Why share your feedback?

Every piece of feedback sent through the Guidebook Feedback form or Website Corrections form gets a discount code to use in our Online Shop. This is also the case when you click on ‘Submit a Correction’ next to a listing on our website. Plus, if you send us some really great tips or a more extensive list of feedback, we might send you a code for five completely free digital chapters from any Lonely Planet guidebooks you want.

Perhaps you're a business owner who wants to be reviewed? Why not let us know about what an amazing set-up you've got by filling in our Business Listings form.
We leave it totally up to our trusted authors to decide where they eventually visit and review but this is the best way of letting them know what you do and how well you do it.

If you still have a couple of questions or are now utterly confused, check out our FAQs.

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You can also join our Thorn Tree forum where independent travellers have been exchanging travel information, advice, hints and tips since 1996.

Wishing you all many happy travels and remember, you can always Talk2Us.