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Lonely Planet's Year of Adventures coming to Travel Channel

Lonely Planet has been producing travel-related television shows for over 10 years, but we're especially excited about our latest and doubly happy to be able to announce the upcoming US premiere of the new television series Lonely Planet's Year of Adventures on Travel Channel. Based on the Lonely Planet book of the same name, this new television series takes viewers to spectacular locations across the world, bringing the adventure guidebook to life on the small screen.

Starring British adventure traveller Ben Fogle, this series follows the fearless explorer as he goes to the ends of the earth in pursuit of action and adventure. Unlike some other shows where hosts do things you can't (and probably wouldn't) do yourself, Ben’s adventures are accessible to any traveller with a sense of adventure and love of physical challenges. His exploits include competing in a 24-hour bike race across the Moab desert, an off-road race across Australia’s outback, para-gliding in Italy, diving in Iceland and 'coasteering' along the jagged cliffs in Wales.

Check out the trailer below:

See more details and clips from upcoming episodes, and learn more about your fearless guide Ben Fogle on the Year of Adventures website.

Year of Adventures is premiering in the USA on Travel Channel on 20 May at 11am EST (check Travel Channel for local times). Elsewhere around the world, Year of Adventures is also airing on BBC Knowledge Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Nordic, Italy, Poland, South Africa and BBC Entertainment India.