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A culinary adventure: the winner

Pumpkin soup dishWe asked you to tell us what had been your best culinary experience while travelling around the world for a chance to win a tour of Morocco, Tuscany or South America thanks to G Adventures and you duly obliged: we had over 2,500 mouth-watering submissions!

Here are some of the best ones:

Gap year comfort food from Nicole M: I was on my gap year and had been moving from guesthouse to guesthouse in a little village on the coast of England - my money was being eaten up and I had no kitchen for myself! The food in the area was awful and I was terribly homesick and lonely. A colleague of mine lent me her place for a weekend, knowing how uncomfortable the whole situation was, and my first night I cooked up some yummy plaice with a garlic and herb butter, grilled vegetables and a jacket potato. Heaven!

The missing ingredient you just can't get at home from Tracy Y: Fresh Khmer spring rolls in Cambodia. The ingredients & flavours were so light and delicious, it was an amazing taste sensation. Sadly I haven't been able to find them since coming home.

Singapore Gourmet session from Kerry-Anne D: Sometimes life is full of surprises, two weeks ago I was through into a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong (30 hrs worth) and ended up at Cuisine Cuisine in the Mira Hotel Hong Kong by arrangement from their sales manager, we were treated to the award winning Dinner of Roasted crispy pork belly and jelly fish, Crab meat with minced shrimp balls and black truffle, topped with caviar served in pumpkin soup, sautéd garoupa fillet with vegetables and fresh lily bulbs,Grilled lamb chop with cumin, Poached seasonal vegetable with dried scallops in supreme broth,Fried rice with foie gras, diced barbecued pork and shrimps. Once in a life time experience and another ticked off the bucket list!

The humble alternative, from Fiona H: The best meal was the simplest meal - fresh fish just caught from the sea, fried and served with cous cous mixed with harissa - I had this on Kerkennah which is a group of islands just off the coast of Tunisia - I was visiting for a day and whilst travelling there and back was involved in a train crash, a broken down ferry in the middle of a force 9 storm and a fight in a crowded train carriage - the meal was the simplest thing of the day.

But our absolute favourite, and the winner of the culinary adventure competition, has to be Nikki Tucker's entry: After a day of wandering the streets of Singapore in the heat, we stumbled across a hawker stall in Little India. Hassled, hot, tired and thirsty we allowed the hawker vendor to guide us to a table. There was a brief discussion involving the word chicken before we were presented with a huge plate of rice, half a chicken, some cucumber salad and a spicy chilli sauce. He disappeared to return again with mango drinks and a plate of chapattis. The most amazing meal ever and less than a fiver for us both ! So not only a great meal but on an amazing budget!

Thanks again to everyone who took part and don't forget to check our Lonely Planet Facebook page for any future competitions.