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A Moroccan Adventure: the winner

Camel riding in the Sahara

We asked you to tell us what had been your best travel adventure for a chance to win a trip to Morocco (courtesy of Intrepid) and we had an amazing response, with over 3,000 submissions.

Your replies showed how some of you do not shy away from a great adventure, like Emma Wheatley, who told us: Me and my husband travelled South Korea to the UK, minus planes. 4 months, 18 countries -19 if you count Tibet = the trip of a lifetime!. They also showed just how resilient you lot are - this is what happened to Sophie Chambers: I lost my prosthetic foot while white water rafting on the River Nile on the Grade 5 rapid 'The Bad Place' in December 2011. Our raft capsized and it was never seen again. Without a spare with me, I hopped around Uganda for the next 3 weeks!. Others had close encounters with fatal drops, like Sam Dear: Death Road: Bolivia. 40km of downhill mountain biking. A 1000ft sheer drop on one side. Hurtling down, one slip could be fatal. My bike skidded, stopping overhanging the drop, me mere feet behind! Close!

But there can only be one winner, so for pure, unabashed adventurous spirit, we decided this submission from Susan Morales had to be the winning entry:

After having our canoe stolen in Tambopata, Peru, we had no other choice than to chop down balsa trees and cruise down the river with current against us and the fear of piranhas & candiru.

Fearless Susan even sent us a link to a picture to prove her ordeal - well done Susan, we hope your trip to Morocco helps ease the pain of this experience!

Thanks again to everyone who took part, and stay tuned to our Lonely Planet Facebook page for any future competitions.