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Travel Adventures: our top 20 picks

We asked you to send us your most daredevil pictures for our Facebook Travel Adventures Competition and you didn't disappoint. We had over 500 submissions, ranging from rafting to roaring alongside tigers, but we have now managed to go through all of them and whittle them down to the last 20. From this selection, an independent judge will pick 1 winner and 5 runner-ups. The lucky winner will be taking home a Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone, while the runner-ups will be awarded a Lonely Planet guide of their choice. Watch this space as we will be announcing them very soon!

In the meantime, enjoy our top 20 picks (in no particular order):

Man over a hill in Norway1. 700 metres above the lake. Never forget, beautifull and dangerous NORWEGIAN TROLLTUNGA!!!My husband on the Trolls tongue. I always say -Norway is full of the most beautifull places:) - Diana K.

Balloons2. Hot air and ancient Kings, Luxor - Stephen D.

Tiger yawning3. Let sleeping cats lie ! - Val C.

Frosty Peak4. Photo taken by a climbing friend from high camp, Denali expidition June 2011 Alaska. Thought I was alone, love this shot - Jon G.

Rafting on wild river5. Grade 5, good fun! - Marlou de G.

Man hiking6. Coming down after a successful summit of Mt Kinabalu on the world's highest via ferrata (Sabah, Mayalsian Borneo) - Dustin M.

Girl holding a spider7. Holding a big tarantula in my hands! - Sarah E.

Woman jumping on top of mountain8. Facing the Devil's Tooth in the Drakensberg/South Africa. With the benefit of hinsight, it was a really stupid idea to jump there - but the memorable result was this picture! - Johanna G.

Plank9. Walking the plank on the side of Huashan Mountain in China, the deadliest hiking trail in the world! - Stanislav U.

Man standing on top of rock arch10. Burdah Arch, one of the highest natural bridges in the world, in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Scrambling up to the Arch is definitely worth it since the views are spectacular - Aparajita B.

Hanging from a cliff11. Feeling like Sylvester Stallone in the Cliffhanger movie. You can - near Moab (Utah) - Helmuth R.

Man hiking the Himalayas12. The Nepal Himalayas - Carl J.

Group standing on a suspended rock13. Mama mia!I still wondering I we could do that! - Emilie L.

Girl rappeling over river14. Taking the plunge at victoria falls in africa. redefining - "the first step is always the hardest" - Ruth C.

Group swimming near waterfall15. Lounging at "Devil's Pool" naturally formed pool, RIGHT at the edge of the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia (Africa) - Lori K.

Man standing next to volcano

16. Goddess Tungurahua, 5016 meters, solo climb, 60 minutes at crater, explosions shake the volcano, rock-bombs fly over head, ash clouds soar miles into the sky. Greatest adrenaline rush ever - Greg W.

Bungee jumping on fire17. Fireball Bungy in Seminyak, Bali Nov 2011. The only place in the world where you can be lit on fire and told to go jump! I had a fire proof suit on but it didn't stop my lashes & brows getting burnt - Melanie T.

Skydiving in Dubai18. On Cloud 9 ! Skydiving at At Dubai Marina, Dubai - Mayura L.

Climbing a glacier19. Climbing the glacier in Norway! - Iryna M.

Skiing in the Himalayas20. Skiing @ Auli, INDIA Snow Skiing at Auli , Himalyan range NandaDevi peak (7817m) in backdrop - Vinod G.

Which one is your favourite?