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Winter from your Window: the winning picture

After whittling down over 400 submissions to a selection of the 20 best entries for our Winter from your Window picture contest on Facebook, we can finally reveal the winning entry. It was a hard job for our independent judge as the standard was very high and there was some left-field submissions amongst the lot. But before we reveal the winning picture, let's have a look at the five runner ups in no particular order:

Lighting striking over beach Cambodian Winter at Serendipity Beach. A monsoonal storm passes over the Sihanoukville coastline as lightning strikes the islands of Koh Russei and Koh Praeus – Anthony F.

Landscape of skyscrapers in the mist City in the sky – Yiu Lee M.

Gas Platform in Northern Sea At the Troll C platform in the North Sea – Kare L.

Oslo landscape January light in Oslo, Norway – Audun Bakke A.

Sunset reflected in windowChilly winds, and usually cloudy. Today, finally, I could capture the January sun in my window’s reflection, less than an hour before sunset – Peter D.

All of the above will receive a Lonely Planet guide of their choice so they can send us more pictures of their travels. Well done all.

Now for the big one... drum roll... here is the winning picture of our Winter from your window competition!

Skyline over BarcelonaCongratulations to Ignacio, who had this to say about his entry: "This is what I see from my office…lots of plane trails, lots people comming or leaving Barcelona…and I find myself wondering which will be my next destination!". It is a wonderful picture, with great composition, but who better than our independent judge Callum, one of Lonely Planet's photographic connoisseur, to explain why he chose this entry as the winner: "A great image for me maximises what is available to the photographer and this image does this in spades. The challenge was to take a view from your window, which this not only fulfills but with the jet streams criss-crossing the sky there is an added sense of longing to travel on to another adventure which I loved".

Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition and congratulations once again to Ignacio.

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