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Competition: win your dream trip

If you had the chance to see and experience anything you wanted, where would you go?

It's the kind of question that friends like to ask each other around the campfire...or on Facebook. And it's a question Lonely Planet wants to ask you - for the chance to actually make it come true.

Lonely Planet and Bing Travel are teaming up to become your Dream Trip travel agents.

Just tell us what you'd do if you had fifteen days, an open ticket and cash in your pocket. Would you hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway in Beijing and get off in Moscow? Would you visit all the places where they worship cats? Would you chase music festivals? Would you see how many iconic sights you could photograph in 2 weeks?

Options are endless, so to help out, we’ve put together a few lists of dream trips for fanatics of food, the outdoors, music, movies and art.

Or you could of course just close your eyes, point to any destination on a map and work the rest out from there. Sometimes planning a dream is half the fun. Sigh.

How to win (the bit you want to know):

On December 29, for 1 day only at bing.com/holiday, you can enter sweepstakes to win a customized $30,000 dream journey from Lonely Planet.

Competition details:

This competition is only open to US citizens.

The winner will receive a 14 consecutive nights/15 consecutive days trip to a destination of the winner’s choice (including up to 4 stops), to a value of US$30,000.

Lonely Planet will work with the winner to devise a custom itinerary, based on the winner’s interests.