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How not to behave on an airplane: a survey

Tight seats, bad food, smelly claustrophobic lavatories - all travelers are familiar with the downsides of airplane travel. Even free pretzels, witty flight attendants and the reliable belly-laugh at the latest SkyMall product can't rescue airplane travel completely.

The real problem? Let's be honest: it's people - other people, and their annoying to downright bizarre in-flight behavior, much of which might be tolerable out in the fresh air, but condenses into a concentrated paste of pure aggravation when compressed into a small tube at 35,000 ft. Of course you're the perfect passenger - when someone else pushes the seat back they're a heartless miscreant, when you do it you're just trying to get some sleep.

In any other situation, you could simply leave, but on an airplane you're trapped. If we're to coexist peacefully on planes, we need to come to a common understanding about what is acceptable carry-on behavior and what needs to get left behind on the tarmac.

The survey is now closed - Stay tuned for the full results and analysis!

[Photo by Jordan Sangerman]

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