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Your travel rituals: Lonely Planet's readers tell all

Last week, we asked the Lonely Planet community about their travel rituals; the things they must do when they travel. It turns out lots of us have them.

Some rituals were quite common, perhaps surprisingly so - for example, many of you like to touch the plane for luck before you hop in. Others were more individual, like one reader whose ritual is 'cheeseburgers'.

Emr48109 says: 'Before I leave the US I always get a cheeseburger, and it’s the last one I’ll have until I return. The first time I ever traveled on my own was during the mad cow scare in England, so I grabbed a Five Guys burger before leaving and kept away from my favorite sandwich on the entire trip. No sooner had customs welcomed me home than I made a beeline for that same counter...Ever since, the cheeseburger tradition has stuck.'

We thought we’d show some of the most common travel rituals you shared, with the aid of that trusty data visualisation device: the pie chart. (Sorry if you fell into the 'other' category, your travel ritual was probably just too unique).

And here, because we couldn't make space for them on our chart, are some of our favourite rituals from the Facebook community - ones we might just adopt as our own next time we fly:

Every time I takeoff, once the plane gets a good acceleration going I say to myself 'and heeerrreeee weeeee goooooo'. Twice. - Matt R

I need some hard metal in my iPod after the takeoff to remember: 'Rockstars fly all the time, dont be a chicken!' - Joel A

Pretending that I have left my wife's passport at home, always gets a reaction. - Simon H

I eat Skittles. My first flight ever as a kid flying to London I ate this entire bucket of them I got at the duty free (hey it is an 8 hour flight!). I couldn't taste anything for two days, but now it's a weird little ritual. Kinda like popcorn at the theatre lol - Sierra R

The night before I fly, I have to watch the movie FernGully. It was what I watched before my first flight ever and I made it to my destination safely, so why take a chance and not watch it before every flight? - Kim C

Thanks for sharing all your travel habits. We had a ball reading them in the office.