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World Santa Congress

What: World Santa Congress
Where: Bakken, Denmark
When: 18 – 20 July 2011

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.

No, we’re not confused about the time of year, we’re simply getting into the Christmas spirit in preparation of the World Santa Congress, which is taking place in Bakken, Denmark from 18 – 20 July.

Only those working as a Santa, an elf or a pixie worldwide are invited to the conference itself so sadly, unless you qualify, you won’t be allowed in to the secret meetings.

However, the Santas will be out and about in Bakken to meet and greet the public, and they’ll organise a street parade in Bakken and nearby Strøget. You can also join in with their Christmas quizzes.

Our question is, can you spot the real Santa amongst all those red hats and white beards?

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