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Trip reports: our readers write up their travel tales

Planning a trip but want more than the standard facts and figures? Maybe you’re just trying to get a straight answer on what visas you’ll need, the best routes to take and where you'll have ATM access. Well, we'd like to think that Lonely Planet - and its range of guidebooks - is a bit of a help there! But our community of globe-traversers is also a fantastic resource.

In fact, there’s a good chance someone in our Thorn Tree forum has already written up a trip report just for you...

Here's a smattering of useful trip reports from around the world. And, of course, if you can't find what you're looking for, search for it on Thorn Tree.


  • Rwanda - 'Look out for people with clear plastic bags filled with yellow things—these are people selling deep fried grasshoppers (or katydids?) and they are delicious!' - xsnazzyx
  • Guinea Bissau – '10 minutes or the time it takes to fill out the form, 10,000CFA and 1 photo - probably the easiest visa you'll ever get.' - benlptt


  • Turkey – 'Paying (about 15 US dollars) for a hostel bed in Istanbul is foolish unless you want to stay at hostels just to meet other travellers from Australia, NA and Europe.' - iraniantraveler19
  • Iceland – 'For some odd reason there is a bus from the lagoon to the airport, but not the other way around.' - kl123
  • Holland, Belgium and France – 'Vasse? Where’s Vasse? A small country town dominated by the spire of its Catholic church, Vasse is about 3 km from the German border in a bucolic landscape perfect for cycling.' - hikeymikey
  • Sicily – 'Drove to Catania. There is no possible way to describe our entry into this city properly. All I can say is that I now feel that I can drive anywhere in the world without blinking an eye.' - nyleve

South America

  • Argentina – 'Argentinians are very curious and love to talk, so everything takes quite a bit of time, since you always end up chatting with someone…'' - dancefitnesstravel
  • Vilcabamba to Machu Picchu trek – 'Seemed like an awful lot but the service, meals, cooking and whole experience was worth every penny and I felt good knowing that I had treated the staff well.' - seb_brown8
  • Uruguay – 'Highway 1 would take us out of town today toward Piriapolis, our ultimate destination (and the only other town in which we already had rooms lined up). The highway was a well-maintained, four lane toll road, and a good way to see the country.' - wldeaton

Middle East

  • Iran - 'I can't express how heart-warming it is to experience the hospitality, generosity and general friendliness of so many Iranians; people look at you as a guest, and not, as in so many places in the world: a walking wallet' - brum_d
  • Lebanon - 'Beirut is all glitz and glam, with nightlife reminiscent of Milan or Barcelona, miniskirts, cocktails and Range Rovers.' - thetuberider


  • India to Europe (by land) – 'Going from China to Mongolia is very easy as well. If I remember well, making a Mongolian visa in Beijing took only one working day. I took the train to Ulan Bator; another extremely beautiful journey.' - jdeckx
  • Sumatra, Indonesia – 'Medan. Yes, it's a busy, noisy city, but the food is great, the people are nice and you can stay at beautiful 5*hotels for a small price.' - Delphineke

North and Central America

  • Nicaragua - 'We failed to budget drinks, and you really need a lot to stay hydrated. Buy some large bottles of water, and keep them full. Expect to pay anywhere from 8 cords - 15 cords for a 20 oz. beverage.' - bethanym
  • Costa Rica – 'On the way from Arenal to Tortuguero our guide took us for a quick detour to the aptly-named Iguana Tree Café in Muelle. Huge trees brimming with iguanas. That was a great stop off..' - bramwell
  • Guatemala - 'I think we had the itinerary about right, except that I didn’t plan enough around Tikal and would recommend buying into a package tour of some sort for that part – to have guide, accommodation & transport organised ahead of time.' - reiney
  • Colorado road trip - 'Yep! It must be farm country - farmers herding a flock of ewes with their spring lambs along Highway #50 and of course they were on both sides and down the middle!' - trekker502


  • Sydney to Darwin, Australia – 'I'm often shy, even on the road, and Australia has been the easiest place to strike up a conversation I've ever been... Australians are much nicer than USians.' - randomwalk
  • Antarctica - 'For us 10 days was plenty - both from a timing perspective and a cost perspective. We had 5 days of landings in Antarctica and 2 1/2 days on the Drake Passage each way.' - chants
  • North Island, New Zealand – 'did a full day cruise on a sailing boat, which gave us a chance to have a go at sailing as well as seeing dolphins and the lovely coastline' - juliet

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