Lonely Planet Writer

Lonely Planet wins a Webby - thanks to you!

We recently found out that lonelyplanet.com has won this year's Webby People's Voice Award for Best Travel Website.

To which we've got to say, shucks - and a very big thank you. When we're working on the Lonely Planet website, we never forget who we're working for: you, the travellers.

You inspire us each day. Even when we're sitting at our desks - the thing a travel junkie most fears - we're transported around the globe whenever we hear about someone going to India for the first time or a son taking his father to Nepal.

So it really means a lot to us that we're also helping inspire you to travel.

And if you have travel ideas you want us to talk about, let us know. Write about them on the Thorn Tree forum - the web's most passionate travel community - or you can tweet us or Facebook us any time.

Thanks once again. Keep on travelling.