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Sun, sea and motorbikes in Croatia

What: Harley Davidson Rally
Where: Biograd Na Moru, Croatia
When: 26 to 29 May 2011

The end of May is set to be a noisy time for residents of Biograd Na Moru in Croatia, as the Harley Davidson Riding club hits town for a rally.

Biograd, Croatia
Biograd Na Moru, Croatia. Photo Credit: CLI

This 4-day event offers members a chance to test-drive the latest bike models, take a tour of the region’s best biking roads and show off their customised superbikes. There are also two gig stages and a bar to relax in.

Don’t own a Harley? The event promises to be interesting even for those not riding. Watch out for the motorbike parade where the sight of hundreds of Harleys is bound to impress.

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