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Lonely Planet's latest translations to go beyond humans

We've come a long way from the humble, stapled guidebook that began the Lonely Planet journey over 30 years ago. As times have changed, so has travel and its related technologies. Travellers want their information immediately, and in as many platforms at possible.

As publishers of up-to-the-minute travel content, we're constantly striving to provide our users with new products and functionality to address their changing needs. You can get our guides in multiple languages. You can get them on your iPhone and your iPad. You can get our audio walking tours on your iPhone. You can friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The emergence of social media and the popularity of memes has certainly changed the way we share and communicate, and here at Lonely Planet we are committed to using it to benefit our travellers. Over the past 12 months, we have received what has come to be a staggering amount of user feedback requesting guides in meme format.

So we are pleased to announce that, starting today, we're launching a new line of guides in LolCat. “We iz komitted to the kittehz and kitteh-lufin travelrz”, said a Lonely Planet spokesperson. “We lovez teh world. Kittehs want to conquer it. Iz a perfect match”.

The new guide range will be available in print (good for shredding and chewing), and on iPad, a device that has market tested strongly with felines. It will feature culinary highlights, rodent itineraries and sleeping hotspots.

Commissioning editor Chairman Miaow and coordinating author Purrnest Hemingway said the next generation guides were the culmination of nine lives worth of research and that customers were sure to enjoy this next chapter in the Lonely Planet story.

Cat historian Pritchard Snaggle said the iconic publisher was helping forge new ground for the humble kitteh. 'Cats are nomadic by nature and have been travelling for centuries. It's wonderful that Lonely Planet has finally recognized this with a product catering to their needs and interests.' Asked if it was a shame that it had taken an Internet meme to get cats the travel guides they deserve, Snaggle shrugged. 'At least it's nothing to do with Justin Bieber.'

In a gesture to fans, the first 1000 LolCat editions will be coated in catnip.