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Sharing recipes from all over the world

We are constantly amazed by the passion for food and recipe-sharing of the Thorn Tree forum on the Get Stuffed branch. If you've got a foodie question, this is the place for answers! We've often talked of how fantastic it would be to compile a Thorn Tree cookbook...but until that day, why not try one of these recipes from around the globe? Everyone posts their versions of dishes and it's interesting to see how tried and tested they are. So grab an apron and start clicking!


Dumplings - & Boston Creme Pie

Chilli Con Carne

Butter Chicken

Thai curry (the street food kind)


Panna cotta

New York Cheesecake


Traditional Polish Christmas Carp

Sourdough bread

Core Pie



Vancouver-style mussels

The secrets of crispy duck/pork


Got a recipe or cooking tip you'd like to share? Let's hear it!