Lonely Planet Writer

Photo of the day: the Proposal

Lonely Planet's Flickr group holds weekly challenges around photography themes (for shutterbugs wanting to join in, this week's topic is 'fruit').

Recently, we ran a challenge for the Best of 2010. It being Valentine's Day, it seems fitting to share with you one of our favourites from that collection.

Flickr group member Jeffrey Palmer explains his amazing photo, 'The Proposal':

'This is a self-portrait of my engagement. I saw this cave in a National Geographic and was amazed. Little did I know such beauty was only a couple of hours from my home. After a rainy drive, we arrived at Stephens Gap in NE Alabama just as the clouds cleared. The cave was incredible both inside and out. The cool moist air and beautiful rays of light made it feel surreal. To cap it all off, she said yes! To capture this self portrait I used a wireless remote in combination with a shutter delay setting.'

Proposing in a cave while using a camera's self-timer? We say props to that.