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A honeymoon fit for a King

William and bride-to-be Kate will make their first official overseas trip together in June, to Canada. But in Lonely Planet's London office we reckon the UK would be a wise choice for a more private honeymoon.

Their wedding is on 29 April 2011, allowing them to honeymoon in late April or early May which is a beautiful time to travel around Britain. As anyone who’s tried to plan a fortnight in the UK will know however, deciding where to go to can be an agonising choice. Here are some suggestions for where the royal couple can get to know each other better:

Knoydart, Scotland

You can't get much more remote than Scotland's Knoydart Peninsula. With no access by road, the village of Inverie in Knoydart is Scotland's remotest mainland settlement and is accessible only by boat from Mallaig or a 20 mile hike on foot. The Old Forge in Inverie is Britain’s oldest pub and serves mean ales from Mallaig and Skye. There are a variety of places to stay around Knoydart from luxurious Knoydart House to self-catering cottages and bunkhouses. Or the royal couple could take a tent.

Isles of Scilly

Flung far into the sea off the end of England, the captivating Isles of Scilly have something of the Mediterranean about them. The archipelago is scattered 28 miles west of Land’s End where they enjoy a comparatively balmy climate. Five of the 140 islands are inhabited, although only a few hardy souls live on St Martin’s and St Agnes, so perhaps it is one of these that the royal couple will choose for its tranquillity. William and Kate may like to aim for St Martin’s on the Isle, the only hotel on St Martin’s and arguably one of the best in the Scillys with sea views, landscaped grounds, an indoor swimming pool and a private quay.

Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

Despite not being known by many, the Forest of Bowland already has the royal seal of approval as the Queen herself has declared that this is the area she would most like to retire in. Lancashire's well kept secret wouldn't remain hidden much longer should William and Kate choose it for their honeymoon. Word of its beauty has already begun to spread, most recently in BBC2's UK TV series, The Trip. The show's lead men, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, stayed at the Inn at Whitewell as they toured the region and the rural inn would make a good choice for the royal couple too.


If a British honeymoon is on the cards then the The Channel Islands seem an obvious choice thanks to their fair weather. We'd advise that William and Kate steer clear of the most popular islands, Jersey and Guernsey, and instead opt for a lesser-known island such as Sark. An island where direction signs are measured in 'minutes to walk', Sark is a perfect choice for a rural retreat. La Sablonnerie, a comfortable converted farmhouse with lush gardens and a gourmet restaurant is a good choice for honeymoon accommodation.

The New Forest, Hampshire

The royal couple may wish to follow in Charles and Diana's footsteps. Broadland House sits just outside of the New Forest and was the location for the first half of Charles and Diana's honeymoon before they set sail on Royal Yacht Britannia. The grand estate would provide William and Kate with an upmarket base from which to tour the New Forest and its wild ponies, rare birds and red deer.

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Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know where in the UK you think would make a good honeymoon location for the royal couple.

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