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Your dream trips for 2011 (and our Facebook Travel Book winners)

Taipei - Jennie Rawlings

To mark our 200,000th fan on Facebook, we asked our travelling community to share their dream trips for 2011.

The 200 readers with the most inspiring travel plans have won themselves a copy of the gorgeous Travel Book, packed with hundreds of destinations and 817 beautiful images to help that dreaming and planning along.

Even though all of your trips were different, there were some patterns that emerged.

Lots of you hope to take your parents away on a special journey, connect with your heritage, see places and creatures at risk of survival, or start working on that travel bucket list!

Sophie Mason wants to take her father to Moscow and St Petersburg before he retires, Meara Lyons wants to send her 70-year-old mum off to discover European treasures, while Charly Hernandez is dreaming of helping his father get home to El Salvador (he left in 1980 because of war and hasn't been back in nearly 30 years). Edward Slavick wants to take his mother down to Mexico to see the monarch butterflies migrate (it's something she has always wanted to see).

Francia Olaguera hopes to save endangered species and the environment by visiting The Galápagos, and Anke Joern is off on a Ugandan rainforest trek to hang with extraordinary mountain gorillas. Jason Chin has his sights set high - a sub-orbital flight that would let him be one of the first space tourists.

Your favourite destinations were Nepal, Japan, New Zealand, the Silk Road, Brazil and Eastern Europe. There were so many trips we liked - good thing we had 200 books!

Here's the full list of winners. Please email community@lonelyplanet.com with your mailing address and we'll organise for your Travel Book to be sent to you. Best of luck making your travel dreams come true this year.

Maureen Lein
Machiel Crielaard
Cathy Tran
Sophie Mason
Swati Choudhary
Teedzeeana Oldsleep
Karina Yozef
Kannika Claudine Pena
Francia Olaguera
Douglas Ivan Brown
Derek Hopper
Helené Fouché
Fernando Muñoz ?
Katrina Robinson
Anke Joern
Jennifer Ang
Artur Olesch
Thais Chikhani Madueño
Annemarie Dooling
Simon Cerne
Jb Bertovic
Meara Lyons
Anastasia Moestika
Beverly J. Dale
Shaun Hopkins
Valerie GeovetteCo
Szilveszter Dekany
Rola Abu Hassan
Eric Gittleman
Paul Exarhos
Janet Csversko
Suzanne Curtis
Tiffany Yee
Michael Morris
Ali Pottinger-Groome
Kelly Valsamaki
Pedro Gastal
Vendula Klementova
Kristian Godfrey
Roberto Di Palma
Melissa Davis
Poohling Ee
Aris Silverio
Antony Harris
Sarah McCown
Isabelle Burns
Joseph Lombardi
Kevin Fiedler
Rebekah Ewing
Erik Futtrup
Andrea Elisabeth Liechti
Andrew Norman
Maarja Soomann
Cha Cha Charly Hernandez
Jason Avalokitesvara Sputnik
Rita Singh
Kristine Derksen-Ruymaekers
Jim Cheney
Mark Wagener
Shelly Tonkin
Mateusz Pospiech
Mac Bonnett
Jack Hall
Tasnim Gora
Tom Morano
Gillian Grattan
Mark Jobson
Dylan Moetara
Shawn S. Lee
Edward Slavick
Niki Wild
Alexandra Didyk
Gina Fleming Wessells
Elizabeth Jigalin
Harinda Bama
Brett Coupe
Josh Cutler
Jenn Marshman
Siti Noorhana Saidin
Jonny Bierman
Lucas Shymansky
Brenda Allen
Tammy Newman
Jimmy Goossens
Jesse Lee
Tirzah Lembayung Fecher
Meike Romppel
Stephanie Corio
Ines Casqueiro
Thes Mendoza Palmes
Dagmar Wolters
Hana Heart
Tom Polo
Cassie Marshall
Jenny Vo
Sameera Kumar
Jason Chin
Irene A Montaner
Elke Delbeke
Nrupal Choudhari
Fransisca Situmorang
Orlando Jesus Marin Artavia
Angela Young
Alexa Brooks
Linda Miller-Logan
Ceci Markez
Fred Shahrooz
Rachel Fields
En Joy
Judith Perez
Brett Boutle
Gonneke Arts
Gregory Webb
Mark Wattanachaiyot
Celeste Gargett
Renee McPherson
Ty Lim
Wendy Stekelenburg
Bear Belle
Bettina Mehnert
Sebastian Bovermann
Missy Spoor Matusek
Katyna Singleton
YewFatt Wong
Severina Schiacciapomidori
Henning Lohmann
Dnyanada Chaudhari
Pamilya Chantioco
Catherine Cash
Marna Shimony Cutler
Anne Lafon
Lilian Loke
Vasthy Flores
Liz Kay
David Chaverri
Andy Coleman
Mark Canning
Kerry Glassburn
Krissi Mueller
Melissa Wray
Harmony Leiker
Deshna Shah
Sharon Landon
MaryAnne Fields
Adriana Barreiro Díaz
Udayan Dhar
M Nalette Castillo
Nurul Ginting
Dmitri Vysotski
Kim Huang Crivello
Arish Kochhar
Kim Laurenson
Krystal Lynn Salazar
Rafal Gwózdz
Paolo Dini
Meg King-Sloan
Aly Alfy
Wynne Kwan
ppa James
Clarissa Klug
Camille Joyce
Marie Nguyen
Márcia Barbosa
Marisa Sfirse
Daniel Murphy
Brenda Smith
Taylor Mortell
Elaine Tam
Adam Clanton
Sambodo Msr
Shane Luder
Lisa Willis
Patyi Anna
Jasmine Fernance
Emma Leddie
Laura Biagini
Roser Goula
Jaleen Purcell
Marie Nguyen
Stephen Breen
Amber Dickson
Leah Walsh
Kylie Plester
Matt Neil
Tori Nugent
Arnold Camps
Sabrina Abney
Grace Anna
Kwang Meng Tan
Trixie Muscat
Prapussorn Ja Senavat
Melissa Nicholson
Helen Lu
Paige Brown
Sandro Lacarbona
Francis Christeller
Annabelle Fréchette
Bety Nuñez

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