Lonely Planet Writer

Lonely Planet's travel picks for 2011

What does the New Year have in store for travel around the world?

Our intrepid team of three travel editors broke out the crystal balls. Although there were some areas of agreement (think food and music travel), hot debate surrounded several issues (think tech travel).

Robert Reid, US travel editor, forecasts a year of Civil War reenactments, nostalgic travel patterns, looking to the south and looking to the sky. He also gives sage advice on how to avoid rising hotel prices. Check out Robert's picks for 2011.

Tom Hall, UK travel editor, insists that London will never get old, but other countries need to look past their capital cities. He also explains why the Louvre isn't necessary to enjoy Paris. See Tom's picks for 2011.

Shawn Low, Asia-Pacific travel editor, thinks that the other two guys are Luddite curmudgeons. For him, 2011 is the year tech travel explodes. He points out how exchange rates will drive travel patterns, and even controversially suggests that there are times when guided tours trump 'independent' travel. See what Shawn has to say about 2011.