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Your travel highlights of 2010

Namibian dunes2010 has been an odd year for travel. Volcanoes, snow and strikes have all caused chaos for travellers, but it hasn’t been all bad. We asked the trusty travel community on Twitter what their travel highlights were for the past year, and so many of you got in touch it only seemed fair to share. We’ve picked the best ones for your perusal. Warning! This could make you incredibly jealous and prompt spontaneous holiday booking.


@KenCrompton catching a bus over the Pyrenees from Toulouse to Barcelona. Trains were on strike so SNCF provided bus. Awesome.

@Kristie999 one of my #travel highlights in 2010 was camping in Scotland 2 weeks ago in 5 feet of snow & -13c temps.

@SuhudUgly UK! London, Oxford, Bath, Manchester, York, Nottingham... awesome.


@vmoorthynow Leh & Ladakh in India an amazing place to be in. Beautiful, unpolluted blue sky and brown rugged landscape, clean air.

@BreatheDreamGo Surviving the Kumbh Mela - My top travel moment of 2010 on Trip Atlas

@travelkate Went to Bali this yr, & it's 1 of my fav travel highlights not just for 2010, but ever!

@evitagarcia Went to Ayuthaya, Thailand with my friend. Enjoying their history under the heat of the sun. Worth it to know their culture

@EllenHalfwerk Mine is the moment Mount Everest revealed its summit. True beauty and a priceless moment!

@SarahWoodham Wow..so many highlights! I would have to say #PauloTioman #Malaysia so so beautiful..go outside busy tourist times :-)


@PoppyFellowes NYC, drinking hurricanes on the Mississippi New Orleans style, flying over the Andes, Chicago blues, NY Yankees!!

@DaveFootHere View from the top of Grouse Mountain, Vancouver. Simply awesome.

@katyalison South America earlier this year...highlights were Patagonia and the Galapagos. Gearing up for Antarctica in 2011!!!

@Chris_Hoskins best was prob the roadtrip in Canada, hit Ontario, Alberta and BC! Beautiful country and a close encounter with a black bear

@SeanDoyle84 Mine was Barbados - what an amazing bunch of people, food was out of this world, rum punch plentiful & beaches to die for.

@RuthEMcG Trying to breathe at 15k ft in El Alto, Bolivia! Spectacular!

@ava1803 My highlight had to be visiting the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, breathtaking. Cappadocia in Turkey was a close.

@DaveDri Being driven around coal mines in the Southern Midwest USA by a 3rd generation miner. My first plate of biscuits'n'gravy!


@shuseinyepez standing no more than 5 feet away from a family of Silverback Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

@craigbirkbeck mine would have to be visiting Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro, whilst in a snow storm on the last few days.

@itsyourlondon 2010 highlight - Namibian dunes, Victoria Falls, Chobe Park, Table mountain. Southern Africa well worth a big visit.


@cruiseportfolio Mine would have to be visiting the Kimberley region of Australia for the first time. Stunning & unspoilt!

Middle East

@FruiHolidays without a doubt it was eating dinner by candle light amoung the ruins at #Palmyra #Syria. Had the place to ourselves!

What were your travel highlights of 2010? This isn't Twitter, so no there's penalty for going over 140 characters.

[Photo: Namibian dunes, by Josh Hough]