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UK and Europe snow: not going anywhere? Here's what to do next.

The Christmas grinch is at work across the UK and Europe, snowing people in - and shutting down airports, including Heathrow (LHR).

Are you trying to get out or get in? The BBC's air travel page has updates on the latest for airports across the UK, while The Guardian has live updates on the weather situation and how it's affecting all forms of transport.

If you want to hook up with other people trapped by the snow, Lonely Planet's started a thread on the Thorn Tree forum where you can chat with other travellers. You can also connect to people through Lonely Planet's Facebook and Twitter.

Heathrow Airport's Twitter account is a useful source of updates. If you want to know whether you'll be able to fly, you'll need to check with your airline - Heathrow has a list of all their contact and website details. Can't get on to them? Airlines' Twitter accounts can actually be a good way to get their latest comms. Here are a few to get you started:

@airnzuk (Air New Zealand)




(Malaysia Airlines)

For the on-the-ground passenger perspective, #heathrow is a great source of updates minus any spin.

Meanwhile, Lonely Planet's forum has some useful links with people talking about related issues. Like what are the obligations of airlines if flights are cancelled due to bad weather? It's also just a good spot to talk about the latest snow update and do the only thing you can do when all else fails: vent. It's either that or pretend you are somewhere else...