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Our favourite passport stamps: collect them all!

Some countries' passport stamps are so unusual that they deserve to be praised - in fact, perhaps you'd detour just to get one in your book. Here are a few of our favourites at the Lonely Planet office (and on the Thorn Tree forum):

Egypt's entry visa, a big blue stamp that stands out thanks to its full page spread across your passport

Japan, not because it's particularly unusual, but because of the neatness involved in stamping. Many of us have reported the customs officer opening up the first clean page and stamping in the top left corner. Very unlike the usual sloppy stamping.

Machu Picchu. Ok, this isn't officially a country passport stamp and you're not leaving Peru, but officials will stamp your passport when you visit. Pretty cool huh?

Russia, the best of the new wave of full-page stickers emblazoned with a bad photograph of the holder and lots of impenetrable Cyrillic script.

Madagascar, a four postage-style stamp emblazoned with zebu, the Malagasy ox-type animal, with an inky purple ker-thunk in the middle. Getting one of these on arrival in Antananarivo is a great start to visiting this eccentric and wonderful destination.

Passport stamps

And here are some passport stamps that a couple of our Twitter followers are particularly fond of:

@cooksey87: both the Iranian visa and stamps are nice. The visa has a metallic map of the country.

@PaulBingley: I'm particularly fond of my Ghanaian one from 1994; a Russian visa from 2006; and a Colombian stamp from 2007

Is your favourite included?