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76-Second Travel Show: 'What's the Harvard-Yale of travel?'

Everyone talks about the great sports rivalries. Which is biggest, the meanest, most impactful?

Here in the US, it's a hot debate. It could mean Army/Navy, Ohio State/Michigan, Celtics/Lakers or Yankees/Red Sox, or perhaps one known more for scholastics than final scores: Harvard/Yale.

Turns out, the friction and respect between these two Ivy League schools actually helped formulate what's now known as 'American football' (here's a self-help video how to play).

A bit unsure how my state-school self would be welcomed in the land of overcoats and scarves, I visited Boston recently and was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming vibe at Harvard's campus (less so by the tailgate drink-of-choice: Bud Lite).

Here's my video:

But it made me wonder what the greatest rivalry in travel? Some argue between backpacks or roller suitcases, beaches or cities, Eurail passes or cruises, or - the ultimate duel - between 'travelers' and 'tourists'.

What's your favorite travel rivalry?