Lonely Planet Writer

76-Second Travel Show: 'How to Time Travel'

An Irish film-maker is claiming to have found evidence of a time traveler -- lost in the bonus DVD of Charlie Chaplin's 1928 film 'The Circus.' It shows a woman -- the film-maker calls her 'butch' several times -- apparently holding something to her face and talking. No cell phone towers in 1928. And no excuse for that heavy of a coat in Hollywood either -- even if the film premiere was in January.

Considering this is the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future too -- and the first great Huey Lewis soundtrack song -- it's time to weigh in. Is time travel possible? Where would you go if you could -- back or forward?

I asked physicist Paul Davies, and author of 'How to Build a Time Machine,' where he'd go. He wrote me: 'I would go back 50,000 years to study the emergence of the modern human mental architecture and culture.' Sounds like a smelly place.

Me? A Chaplin premiere in 1928 sounds pretty good, or New York City during the peak of the jazz era.

Where would you go?