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16 Chuck Norris travel tips

The Great Wall of Chuck NorrisChuck Norris is a man of many talents, especially if you believe the numerous feats touted on Chuck Norris Facts. As an international movie star, he has obviously been all around the world − in fact there's even a bridge named after him in Hungary (kind of). So it seems natural to ask: how does the multi-talented international film star and martial arts master Chuck Norris travel?

We posed the question on Twitter, and many people seemed to have insights into this important travel query. Here are 16 of the travel tips and quotes that packed the most punch:

1. Chuck Norris turns every path into a beaten path. — @brianMT

2. Learn a few phrases in the local language. Like, "This is gonna hurt." — @douglasmack

3. "I don't have a fear of flying. Flying has a fear of me." — @leifpettersen

4. Buy my new travel book - "101 Things to Do WHILE You Die" — @melanierenzulli

5. Chuck Norris has no travel itinerary. He kills time. Literally. — @nctaylor

6. Best way to pack light? Pack no shirt. — @lpusastaff

7. It's important to pack a passport, some emergency cash, and a reliable beard trimmer. — @reidontravel

8. The best way to avoid food poisoning while traveling overseas is to have an inherent immunity to all bacteria. — @adventurati

9. Chuck Norris began a journey of a thousand miles with a single step. He also finished it with that step. — @onceatraveler

10. Ripping up a nearby tree will usually get you the best dollar-to-yen exchange rate. — @leifpettersen

11. Wear versatile footwear good for walking, nightlife, train-top chases, kicking through walls. — @douglasmack

12. All the stereotypes about the Cold War & Texas are true. — @mikebarish

13. Traveling to Asia is no longer a problem; Jet Li is no Bruce Lee. — @StayAdventurous

14. How to tip a cabbie: a rapid leg sweep, a straight-arm to the chest and he'll tip right over every time — @lpusastaff

15. If you run out of cash, just pay in roundhouse kicks. — @travelswiththeman

16 a. 'Farmers markets are good places to pick up local produce and meet locals.' — @reidontravel
16 b. Yeah, but Chuck Norris tests the freshness of produce by cracking it over locals' heads. — @douglasmack

More pearls of Chuck-Norris-based travel wisdom can be found on Twitter tagged #chucknorristraveltips - tweet your own or add them below.

[Photo of The Great Wall of Chuck Norris by solarimages]